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MC Volunteer Extraordinaire Lorraine Trautwein
By Daniel Tavares
Posted: 2021-05-17T17:37:00Z

We have so many great volunteers at Marin Cyclists Club, but the name Lorraine Trautwein always seems to emerge when discussing club activities or Marin Century planning.  Lorraine has been a source of inspiration and I wanted to hear her thoughts on the Marin Century cycling event in 2021 and volunteering.  Here is what she has to say:

I’m very pleased that we are moving forward with planning for the 2021 Marin Century.  It’s been a passion of mine since I first joined Marin Cyclists in 2009.  

My volunteerism at the club started with leading rides to train for the century. On one of those rides I was recruited by Don Magdanz, our long time Safety Chair to put together the Ride Marshal program.

I dove into that full steam ahead, first by attending the monthly planning committee meetings to find out how things worked and what was needed. The program was met with some skepticism but ultimately with feedback from everyone on the committee the program was put into action and continues to run every year.  

After running that program for three years I stepped with great trepidation into the Ride Director position, with the irreplaceable Doug Henningsen as  my mentor and teacher.  It was daunting, but with Doug and the rest of the committee by my side I mostly managed to pull it off and ultimately served as Ride Director  from 2014- 2018. Doug and I continue to share our experience and expertise with the Committee, as do other past Committee members.

That’s the thing about volunteering at the Marin Century, you’re never on your own, it’s a big team of friendly cyclists, all volunteers willing to help the person stepping into a new volunteer opportunity at the big party we call the Marin Century.    

Over the years I’ve served as Rides Coordinator, MC Ride Director,  Webmaster and on the Board of Directors, I’ve stepped back to allow others to have the same opportunities I had to hone old skills, learn new ones and make lifelong friendships.  

Whether you want to take on a committee position or just have time to volunteer for a few hours on October 2, I guarantee you’ll have fun, make friends and come away with your own supported ride, a volunteer t-shirt and smile.

Click here for more information about Marin Century volunteer spots:
MC Volunteer    

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