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Strava Competition


1.You must be an active member of( Marin Cyclists Club (MC) to participate. It is up to you to make sure your membership is and remains active during the competition. If you are not a member and would like to join go to: Member Signup / Information

2. You must have and use a Strava account to record your rides to count in this contest. 

3. You also need to be listed on Marin Cyclists Strava Club. If you aren’t listed already and want to be added, you must join Strava (you can use the free version) and ask to join our club HERE 

4. It is your responsibility to download and confirm that your eligible rides are accurately reported on MC’s Strava Club site before the end of each week. If your device or phone fails to record a ride, there is nothing we can do about that. Only rides you actually do are to be included. 

5. Participants may only post one result for each ride. Sometimes riders wear multiple devices or use their Garmin and their phone which results in duplicate posts for the same ride which artificially inflates the results. Any rider found with duplicate posts in any month will be eliminated from the competition.

6. This is to be a fun competition, there are no awards for time, only mileage, so ride safely and at a pace at which you are comfortable. 

7. MC representative will  compile the results based on the results posted there.

8. The contest will take place from September7- November 7, 2020. At the end of that time,  the MC Board will determine the male and female first, second and third place winners based on the most mileage ridden during the contest period.

9. Board Members are not eligible to participate. 


Prizes will be awarded for the most mileage ridden by  male and female participants.   

First Prize

Second Prize

Third Prize

($300 value!)

(Jersey and shorts only)

(from Sports Basement)

Fly 12