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Ride Levels and Pace Ratings

When going for a ride we encourage you to select a ride along your cycling and fitness level. If you do not find a ride that is in your level this is the perfect opportunity to start a ride of your own.  Members can "Post a Quick Event" to the calendar using the tool bar on the top right of the calendar.

If you'd like to know more about leading a ride send an email to:

You'll get a club jersey for leading 4 or more rides in a calendar year and, the leader who leads the most rides gets a special gift at the end of the year.

Pace Definitions

Letter Ride Type Average Speed Description Example
VL Very Leisurely 7-9 MPH A great opportunity for a family ride, minors should be accompanied by an adult. To encourage families to ride with their children. To encourage families to ride with their children.
L Leisurely 8-10 MPH Easy pace, frequent stops to regroup, new-rider friendly. No drop ride. Moderate Grades 
A Relaxed 10-13 MPH Riders will ride at about 10-13 MPH Fewer stops than an L ride, steady pace for experienced riders. Should know how to fix a flat. . NO one is dropped. Frequent Regroups Might ride at 14-16 MPH on the flats.
B Moderate 14-16 MPH Only a few regroups. For experienced riders only who want to ride long, steady distance. NO one is dropped.  Might ride 18- 22 MPH on the flats 40 Miles in Length or more.
C Brisk 16-18 MPH For strong riders who want to ride in a fast pace line or tight packs (20-28MPH on the flats) occasional sprints. Must be confident in a group and pace line, no beginners or intermediate riders. 50 miles or more.
D Fast 18+ MPH Constant pace lines (24-35MPH) brisk climbs, ONLY for experienced, fast, race oriented cyclists. Check with ride leader if this is your first D ride. Long Distances and big climbs.

Terrain Difficulty

Number Terrain Description Example
1 Flat, although it's hard to do in Marin County Tiburon, Mill Valley, SPT Bike paths 
2 Gentle Grades Paradise Drive, China Camp, Bear Valley
3 Rolling Hills Marin Headlands, Fairfax/Lucas Valley-Pt. Reyes Station
4 Mostly rolling hills, some steep climbs Alpine Dam, Mount Tam, Marshall
5 Very Hilly: Long and/or steep climbs Kings Ridge, Coleman Valley

Common Routes

Start Location Ride name Distance Elevation Terrain Rating Route Map
Corte Madera Town Park Muir Beach Tradiitional 20 2036 4
Corte Madera Town Park Tiburon(Paradise) Loop 21 850 2
Corte Madera Town Park Around the Mountain 32 3354 4
Cotati Park and Ride Cotati Roller Express 63 2216 3
Fairfax Cyclery Yahoo Lasso 32 2083 3
Fairfax Cyclery Star Wars Loop 42 2349 2
Fairfax Cyclery Big Bovine Loop 49 2919 2
Fairfax Cyclery Marshal Loop w/Bear Valley Olema 50 2956 3
Fairfax Cyclery The Pie Ride 60 4081 3
Fairfax Cyclery Chileno Valley Tomales Loop 74 4321 3
Fairfax Cyclery Fairfax to Freeestone 101 6155 4
Fairfax Post Office Mt Tam Hill Climb 56 6698 4
Fairfax Post Office Sebastpol Occidental Bodega 124 8155 4
Fairfax Post Office Fairfax to Jenner 125 7390 4
Healdsburg- Vinyard Plaza Healdsburg Cloverdale Loop 55 1818 3
Healdsburg- Vinyard Plaza Healdsburg Cloverdale Loop 55 1800 2
Marinwood Community Center Novato Bovine Loop 50 4321 3
Marinwood Community Center Marinwood Limantour Twist 53 3828 3
Marinwood Community Center Chileno Valley Tomales Loop 75 4373 3
Marinwood Community Center Valley Ford Loop 97 6500 4
Monte Rio King Ridge Loop 55 5200 5
Nicasio Town Square Marshal Loop from Nicasio 41 2424 3
Nicasio Town Square Nicasio Tomales Loop 63 3818 3
Nicasio Town Square Sebastapol/Freestone/Marshal 82 5180 3
San Rafael High School China Camp Loop 22 960 2
San Rafael High School Novato Point Reyes Loops 73 3692 3
Sports Basement Walnut Creek Morgan Territory Loop 50 3153 4
Union Hotel- Occicental Occidental Loop (Traditional) 37 1698 2
Walnut Park Petaluma Valley Ford Loop 55 3072 3
Windsor Town Square Windsor Healdsburg Loop 50 2227 3
Woodside Tunitas Creek Spectacular 51 5631 4