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Chapeau 55th Marin Century!

Published on 8/7/2017
Big Rock Climb

Our 55th edition of the Marin Century took place on a slightly humid day with fairly mild temps. The start was foggy, as evidenced by some of the aerial drone footage shot by dronTerra on the climb up to Big Rock. If you haven’t seen that footage, get over to our Facebook page and check it out—you may be one of the riders captured for posterity! At least one woman in a white jersey just crushed that climb!


If you didn’t make the drone video, no worries. Photographers from Captivating Sports Photos were on course in various locations and at the start/finish. Photos will be available for purchase now on its website HERE.


Aside from the good weather, riders got assistance from a variety of sources, including the California Highway Patrol’s enforcement of several lane closures and local bike shops’ bike repair SAG services, which were coordinated with the help of the Marin Amateur Radio Society. Course turners and cycling course marshals helped riders stay on their intended routes, though as always, some riders went off course. (That’s frustrating for them—and we sympathize but that’s also why we ask riders to carry our route maps and pay attention to our signage.) Our rest stop volunteers doled out the drink and goodies and provided help with mechanicals and answers to questions such as how many more feet must I climb before enjoying my Fiorella’s coconut almond ice cream? Answer: many, but did you really want to leave this event with a net calorie gain?


Speaking of the post-ride feast, cyclists returned to a lineup of pies straight from an on-site oven (Firetrail Pizza), chicken and pork on a huge flaming grill (Big Jim’s BBQ), and burritos (Chipotle) plus assorted fruits and other treats. Can you say Haagen Daz? We can.

We did have some snafus. The most notable: our usual "first beer is on us" offer went down the drain when an unforeseen issue with the permitting prevented us from receiving the generous donation from Lagunitas Brewing Company. We did, however, have beer for sale.


And many partook while perusing our expo and lounging under the shade trees to the tune of both live and “curated” music.


Many of our riders probably wonder what happens to the food and drink that doesn’t get consumed. Well, we strive to be a no-waste event, and although we can’t claim that we’ve totally succeeded, we can say that we’ve greatly reduced our food waste by careful managing our purchasing and by donating leftovers to Extra Food. 

Please consider donating to this worthy organization that helps feed the hungry right here in Marin County. Find our more HERE.


As for your hosts, the Marin Cyclists, we leave the premises with the last of the doubles riders but without hearing all the glory stories and tales of tragedy averted through the kindness of strangers (other riders and volunteers). We’d love to hear them and share them, so let us know about your ride on our Facebook page. And don’t forget to hashtag your thoughts and images on Twitter: #MarinCentury.

In addition to your anecdotes, we’d like to collect feedback on our event in a teeney weeny more quantifiable way. Please take a few minutes to respond to a brief online survey HERE.


We get a kick out of seeing our event jersey on local riders throughout the year. This year’s design got a lot of kudos. If you are wishing you’d ordered one, you have until midnight August 14 to do so.  

We will place your order with Primal, which will ship your jersey to you in 8 to 10 weeks. Then you’ll be stylin’.


Finally, we’d like to acknowledge that California, and the Bay Area, in particular, is home to many incredible athletic events. We are honored that we continue to attract many returnees as well as newbies. If you enjoyed your ride with us, please tell your friends and family and consider joining one of our weekly rides.


Until next year, we wish you and yours many happy pedal strokes.