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Marin Century Promos on NBC Sports!

Published on 7/2/2017
The greatest sporting event in the world is airing on NBS Sports--and so are our #MarinCentury promos. Club member Michael Sexton has often captured the pastoral settings along our traditional century course. This year he opted for some drama, showcasing the descent off Mt Tam--part of the #MtTamDouble and climbing century courses--and another descent in the north Marin area.

"I think the Mt Tam descent is the reward for the 16 miles of mostly climbing to East Peak," says Sexton. "What you see on the promo is the riders hanging that turn near the Rock Springs parking lot. From there you've got quite a respite, but you have to stay sharp. A good bit of the way down to Hwy 1 is twisting, and you want to stay in your lane around the blind curves."

Sexton, who has been riding up to East Peak from his Fairfax home for 17 years, says he never tires of the scenery. "The climb has these very different segments. You've got about three miles from downtown Fairfax to the golf course. At that point you're past the residences and into the water district land. It's up and down with treed and non-treed sections until you get to Alpine Dam. I often take a short break here to get a good drink. Next you've got three miles in a densely treed section that's the twistiest part of the ascent. On a hot day, you get the shade before you make that transition to Ridgecrest, which is the most beautiful road I've ever ridden. With the hills on your left and the ocean on your right, you feel like you are in a beautiful dream. It never gets old. After Rock Springs you've got fewer huge vistas, but once you get to East Peak, you've have a stunning view out to San Francisco. I fill up my bottle and just enjoy the scene for awhile. Why not? I worked a little to have the opportunity to enjoy it!"

Next spring Sexton will be out with his video camera to film the 2018 Marin Century promos. We'll let you know when and where he'll be filming so you can have a shot at appearing in the footage. In the meantime, enjoy the Tour de France!