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Mt Tam Double Century Returns

Published on 6/5/2017

Completing the Mt Tam Double is a badge of honor for climbing aficionados. The course boasts approximately 15,000 feet of total elevation gain, taking in the East Peak of Mt Tamalpais (an ascension from 155 feet to 2,450 feet over 17 undulating miles) and Coleman Valley (twice featured in the Tour of California). These two big climbs offer up some 12 percent and higher pitches. Plenty of steep but shorter climbs dot the way.

Given the demands of the course, the Mt. Tam Double Century is limited to 300 riders. Those who register before July 12 will receive concierge mailing service as part of their entry fee, meaning they can skip the registration line at the start. That’s a big perk on a morning that has our doubles riders assembling for a 5 a.m. mass rollout. Those missing the July 12 registration date will be required to check in at registration before riding—and remember, the event may reach its 300-rider limit before July 12. So giddy up.

And now, the changes for 2017: (1) The Mt Tam Double is no longer a timed event. But we will post results to our website (and announce them on Facebook and Twitter within a week of the event. (2) The 5 a.m. mass start is now mandatory—no riders can start earlier or later. (3) There will be four mandatory check points (East Peak, Limantour at the Inverness Ridge Trailhead Parking Lot, Valley Ford, and Coleman Valley), the last of which has a 3 p.m. cutoff time. Failure to beat that time will result in a DNF—no exceptions. (4) The course closes at 10 p.m. Anyone on course after that time will be SAGed or have their bib revoked, resulting in a DNF. (5) We’ll skip Marshall Wall, instead going out and back on Chileno Valley Road. The return trip also takes in Fallon Two Rock. Other deviations from past years are necessitated by road repairs on Hwy 1.

All the many details concerning participation in the Mt Tam Double and services available to our doubles riders are just a click away.

Not riding this year’s Mt Tam Double Century or have time to help out in the days before the event? Consider volunteering and earn Triple Crown volunteer credit. Volunteer opportunities that specifically support the double century are available here. Other volunteering opportunities are available here.