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Marin Century Ads Debuting at the Tour of California

Published on 5/8/2017

If you are not a pro cycling fan (what? really??), you might be unaware that the Tour of California starts this week. If the racing weren't exciting enough, there's the debut of this year's Marin Century promos, courtesy of club member Michael Sexton, during the race coverage on NBC Sports Network. Those tweety birds we've all come to love--they're back, along with footage of some of our members making their way on Fallon-Two Rock Road and the PCH. The promos begin running Sunday, May 14. The race preview show is May 11 , followed by the women's race, May 11-14. The men's race runs May 14-20.

For those of you who get jazzed by the racing and want to test your mettle, there's comparable excitement--and difficulty--to be had on several of our Marin Century courses--notably, the Hilly Hundred, the double metric (we need a name for that one!), and the Mt Tam Double. When the Tour of California began, it featured the Coleman Valley climb, which many of our event participants will have the glory of conquering, August 5. We highly recommend that you come out on some of our weekend rides to gear up (actually down) for that challenge.

Remember, when you're out riding the next two weeks, keep the latest race stage results to yourself. Nothing is worse than finding out who is on the podium and who crashed out before you make it home to watch for yourself. It's kind of like learning one of your favorite riders was caught with an electric motor in his or her bike.

Happy viewing!